Where are you located?
Follow the George Price Highway from San Ignacio towards Succotz for 5 miles and follow the sign (St Leonard’s Tours) on the right hand side of the road. Alternatively, if you’re flying in, its one mile from the Maya Flats airstrip.

Are helmets provides for riders?
Yes, we provide complementary helmets to all riders.

How many riders can you accommodate at a time?
We take a max of 5 people per trail ride to keep the experience personal and so everyone can hear the stories aloud and clear from the guides.

Is horse experience necessary?
No, we take all levels of experience and we have horses suitable for all abilities of riders –novice, moderate and experienced.

What can you expect to see during the ride?
This is the one most diverse trail rides you will ever experience. We start off by exploring the open fields where cattle roam before joining a jungle trail by the Mopan River. We will then go to Succotz and cross the river on a hand cranked ferry before remounting for the ride to the amazing Xunantunich.

Is there a weight limit?
Yes, all riders should be less than 250 lb. Please call in advance to let us know if your group has riders over 250, that way we can have the appropriate horse for the rider.
What will the weather be like?
Riding conditions in the Cayo district are heavily dependent on the seasons. Dry Season from February- May is generally dry, any other time of the year you should be prepared for a shower, and it is humid all year!

Will I be able to canter?
As a general rule the answer is No, as the rides are considered walking rides. However as long as the guide is satisfied with your ability and fitness to do so, and this doesn’t pose a danger to yourself and/or others, it can be considered. At all times the highest level of safety, and our guide’s judgement, has to be respected.

Can I take a camera on the ride?
Small cameras are welcome on all rides as there are many photo stops. However cameras should be securely fastened, either with a belt strap or in a zipped pocket. Cameras are carried at the riders own risk. We do not take any responsibility for any loss or damage. Large/bulky cameras are not recommended.

What age must a child be to join a ride?
Confident 3 year olds are welcome to join the Kiskadee Trail or shorter rides, but for all other rides children must be at least a confident 8 year old. For safety reasons, children under the age of 8 are to be accompanied by a walking guide/wrangler.

Do you have a safety box for our valuables?
No, so please leave all valuables and important documents in your hotel’s safety box or similar. We do not take responsibility for any valuables or important documents left at our property.

What type of horses do you have?
We have a variety of breeds. Most of our horses are a mixture of quarter horse, criollo and appaloosa of varying heights. All are well trained and have been cared for by their owners from conception till today!

Is Transportation provided?
All riders within the San Ignacio area will be picked up and dropped off from their designated hotel or resort.

Do you recommend booking early?
Absolutely, especially during the peak season of December to April.